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increases longevity of ballistic fabric

Aramid, para-aramid, and meta-aramid fabrics, such as Kevlar® and PBI/Kevlar®, absorb most of the ultraviolet light (UV) striking them. Energy in UV wavelengths causes a rapid decline in fabric tear strength and ballistic resistance, as much as seventeen percent in only three hours of harsh sunlight. An application of nanoTarge provides a tough, micro-thin coating of select nanoparticles to the fibers of the ballistic fabric. The nanoparticles in nanoTarge absorb greater than 90% of the incident ultraviolet light in the 250nm to 400nm range for the life of the fabric. As well, these nanoparticles scavenge any free radicals which might harm the fabric. By absorbing the UV before it can strike the fabric the useful life of aramid fabrics treated with nanoTarge may be extended, potentially by years.

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