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to strengthen and protect ballistic and technical fabrics

nanoTarge can more than double the tear strength of woven fabrics. nanoTarge's select nanoparticles are embedded in a thin film on the individual fibers - not the larger strands - causing the fibers to grip one another through friction. This insures that the fibers work together, boosting the tear strength of the fabric in independent tests by as much as 250%.

Results of Independent Tests of PBI/Kevlar -- Fabric Tear Strength
Treated with nanoTarge Untreated

26.55 lbs

10.63 lbs

An immediate benefit of greater tear strength is realized in designing Soft Armor. Instead of forty layers of Kevlar, the armorer can get the same benefit from, perhaps, twenty. Lightening the load is important to military, firefighters, and police. Anything that shaves a few ounces from the kit is greatly appreciated.

Packcloth, duffle bags, racing sails, tents, all require cloth that resists tearing. And if that bag can be made with 300D Cordura rather than 500D through the use of nanoTarge, there are savings in both cost and weight.

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