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A unique fabric treatment

Allows Independent Movement of Yarns
Unlike other methods of treating aramids with UV absorbing polymers and nanoparticles, nanoTarge uses a very thin film which does not bind yarns together; thus reducing the chance of yarns being torn during pullout.

Maintains Breathability of Fabric
nanoTarge's film is on each fiber of the fabric but does not span the pores of the weave. So application of nanoTarge does not alter the breathability of the garment.

Provides ESD protection
The nanoparticles in nanoTarge are electro-static dissipative, slowly bleeding any acquired static electricity rather than producing a dangerous spark.

Is Water-based, Non-toxic, and Easy To Apply
nanoTarge may be applied by knife-over-roller, pad and mangle, or other common textile treatment techniques. nanoTarge doesn't require high heat to bond to the fabric as is common with sol/gels.

Application of nanoTarge to textiles
nanoTarge is a dilute, aqueous, non-toxic compound. It contains no VOC's and is odor-free. nanoTarge is applied under license, by either a textile maker, textile printer, or a fabric treatment company. A common method of application is through use of a padding mangle; however, knife-over-roll and spraying are also supported methods. Due to the thin layer of nanoparticles and binder applied to the fabric, typically less than one micron, the final cost of nanoTarge treatment is comparable to some fabric one-color printings.

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